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Effective Case Management first entails a supportive relationship between workforce program staff and a customer, in which staff provide guidance and motivation as customers seek training, employment, and advancement. Case management includes assessing; triaging; determining customer needs; advising on current employment opportunities, growing industries, and available training options; and providing career guidance. Secondarily, case management entails coordinating, tracking and reporting customer activities and services via data management systems. Finally, case management requires facilitating resource and service coordination with partner agencies.


This site contains resources and tools designed to help system administrators, local leaders and staff to support high quality case management in the workforce system. The best place to start is with the Effective Case Management Model menu. There, you'll find a briefing paper and a visual "map" that shows the key elements of the case management system hyperlinked to resources for improving the effectiveness of case management in each area. The Webinars menu will give you access to recordings and transcripts to a series of webinars featuring key principles for providing system support for effective case management and discussions with peer mentors who share their experiences and answer questions about pursuing supporting case management in their state and local systems.

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